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Mom Turns Caregiving Into CareerSo taken up by their moving story, I'm devoting the next two weeks to Joe and Tish Griffin, 21-year-old son and 60-year-old mother, of Destin, Florida.

Courrier Becomes Leader After MS DiagnosisIt was around 1996 when Shirley Courrier, then of Clear Lake, Iowa, began experiencing an odd tingling sensation in her legs and feet.

Monthly Dementia Support Group in Grass Valley(Grass Valley, CA) - Cascades of Grass Valley, a senior living community located at 415 Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley, will be hosting a monthly support group

Vietnam Vet Won't Seek PTSD HelpMy featured person this week is "Maryanne," the adult daughter of a former Marine who most likely has post-traumatic stress disorder

Cerebral Palsy Doesn't Stop CrouchCrouch has cerebral palsy, which a person usually "gets" during fetal development or at birth, when brain damage permanently short-circuits the brain's ability to effectively control body coordination.

NC Troop 85 has Boy Scout FunIn the early 1980s, Randall Barnett of Asheville, North Carolina, became involved with Boy Scout Troop 85 after a friend asked for his help

Man Still Recovering from TBITwo years back, I featured Daniel Mignerey, 23, of Sardinia, Ohio, who somehow survived life-threatening injuries on February 6, 2015, after being ejected from his vehicle

Couple Managing Several DisabilitiesBernice Edwards and her husband, Les, of North Mankato, Minnesota, have known about disability for years. At first, the disabilities involved only Bernice.

Genetics, Environment Combine to Influence Autism-Associated GenesResearchers at UC Davis have shown that a well-known neurotoxin (PCB 95) and a chromosomal duplication (Dup15q) have a profound impact on DNA methylation, the epigenetic process

Safi Creates App for Managing FinancesI've occasionally looked outside the United States for people with disabilities to feature, including people from Canada, Great Britain, Africa, and Australia, with

Mom Fighting Tooth and NailSandra Domenech became aware of this column through a friend who read it in a Florida weekly. She said she and her 13-year-old son with ASD recently moved out of Florida due to unkind treatment

Man Coming to Grips with DisorderOur featured person this week wanted to be known as "Oliver" and his full identity hidden because of possible repercussions. He is in his 20s