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Genetics, Environment Combine to Influence Autism-Associated GenesResearchers at UC Davis have shown that a well-known neurotoxin (PCB 95) and a chromosomal duplication (Dup15q) have a profound impact on DNA methylation, the epigenetic process

ADHD: National Study on Video Game-like Therapy (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) - The UC Davis MIND Institute is participating in a nationwide ADHD study using a scientifically designed video game-like technology.

Safi Creates App for Managing FinancesI've occasionally looked outside the United States for people with disabilities to feature, including people from Canada, Great Britain, Africa, and Australia, with

Mom Fighting Tooth and NailSandra Domenech became aware of this column through a friend who read it in a Florida weekly. She said she and her 13-year-old son with ASD recently moved out of Florida due to unkind treatment

Depression: Exercise as a Viable Treatment for SomeSACRAMENTO, Calif. - Factors such as advanced age and greater aerobic capacity increase the likelihood that exercise will work as a treatment for depression in elderly patients

Disabilities Columnist Seeking to Break StereotypesIf you're brand new here, you probably have been wondering what's going on. Instead of disability-related issues, ax-grinding, or political agenda-driving, this newspaper column

Sutter Rehabilitation Institute International Accreditations for Amputations, Spinal Cord InjuriesROSEVILLE, Calif. - Sutter Rehabilitation Institute this week received accreditation for the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injuries and amputations from international accrediting

Man Coming to Grips with DisorderOur featured person this week wanted to be known as "Oliver" and his full identity hidden because of possible repercussions. He is in his 20s

U.S. Military Helped Sgt. GutierrezOn June 18, 2006, Sgt. Joshua Gutierrez of the 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, was on patrol near Osut, Iraq, searching for missing U.S. Soldiers.

Harvard Grad Had Different Life PlannedThe world seemed to come crashing down hard on June 20, 1993, for then 36-year-old "Bart" of Queens, New York. Before that day, he had earned college degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard

Baseball Great Should be in the HallAt least once annually, I offer my best "pitch" for the late, rocket-armed, speedy William "Dummy" Hoy and for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Genetic Testing Could Prevent DisabilityRecently, I had quite an experience trying to prevent a disability or two in myself. Several years ago, I found online a genetic testing service and later another similar

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