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Man Coming to Grips with DisorderOur featured person this week wanted to be known as "Oliver" and his full identity hidden because of possible repercussions. He is in his 20s

U.S. Military Helped Sgt. GutierrezOn June 18, 2006, Sgt. Joshua Gutierrez of the 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, was on patrol near Osut, Iraq, searching for missing U.S. Soldiers.

Harvard Grad Had Different Life PlannedThe world seemed to come crashing down hard on June 20, 1993, for then 36-year-old "Bart" of Queens, New York. Before that day, he had earned college degrees from Dartmouth and Harvard

Baseball Great Should be in the HallAt least once annually, I offer my best "pitch" for the late, rocket-armed, speedy William "Dummy" Hoy and for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

OSU Student Starts "Invisible" Disability ClubAbout nine months ago, I featured 22-year-old Ohio State student Harley Jo Skorpenske, whose open letter to all the people who had criticized her for using handicapped parking

Genetic Testing Could Prevent DisabilityRecently, I had quite an experience trying to prevent a disability or two in myself. Several years ago, I found online a genetic testing service and later another similar

Double Amputee Lives for Yet Another DayFor personal reasons, "Billy" did not want his real name revealed here. He lives in the Midwest as a double-leg, below-knee amputee and has had more brushes

Childhood Trauma Leading to Adult DisabilityMany adults with disabilities may have their disabling conditions because of emotional trauma experienced in childhood, said book author

6 Wheelchair User LessonsMonths ago, 56-year-old Susan Schaub of Albert Lea, Minnesota, had ankle surgery. She then wrote about her six-week experience of having to use a wheelchair and gave me permission

Harvard Law Grad with Autism AdvocatesThe Washington D.C.-based Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit organization run by and for people on the autism spectrum

College Program for Students With Intellectual DisabilitiesThey have a residential, individualized academic program at Millersville University (Penn.) for students with intellectual disabilities, where students right now are working through

Eye Doctor Opening People's EyesHis disability forced a major career change, one that has benefited thousands. Dr. John Shepherd since 2008 has been director of the

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